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We are Flag M Group

“ We compete on an international level, exporting our creative culture abroad.

We are Flag M Group, an umbrella of companies spanning various fields, with a vision to step outside Lebanon and spread local talents to the world, competing on an international level while exporting our creative culture.

Our Group includes companies that are major players in the fields of marketing, photography, architecture, growth hacking, animation, filmmaking, technology, publishing, and IoT.

We also believe in the future of our community; that’s why we invest in trending startups, acting as an incubator for these businesses. We similarly strive to pay it forward when it comes to communal responsibility and societal development.

At Flag M Group, we are seasoned in the arenas of passion and practice, developing ideas into trendsetting ventures, synergizing and collaborating between our companies and stakeholders, and coming up with impactful results that are by far a representation of our human capital and talents.


Our mission is to build a network of companies focused on diversified human talent, coming up with creative solutions that serve clients in different industries, internationally.


Our vision is to help emerging companies set trends in the market and make way for a new culture of business, exporting local Lebanese talent and creativity to international markets.

The Companies

Our umbrella of companies covers a wide range of fields and caters to our clients’ various needs.

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